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19/11/14 Brandon Hitch Steps Up As CICA's New CEOPDF96.54 KB Download
07/10/2014 CICA Announces BoardPDF94.82 KB Download
07/10/14 CICA Celebrates the Lift of the Year AwardsPDF95.38 KB Download
06/10/2014 CICA Raises the Bar In SydneyPDF96.70 KB Download
02/10/14 Australian Crane & Machinery Secures Platinum SponsorshipPDF102.50 KB Download
13/03/2014 CICA Alert on Counterfeit Green StickersPDF143.29 KB Download
17/10/2013 CICA Supports Crane Incident InvestigationPDF97.14 KB Download
24/09/2013 CICA Celebrates Lift of the Year AwardsPDF91.13 KB Download
25/09/2013 CICA Announces BoardPDF91.98 KB Download
20/09/2013 Cranes Lift Hobart's ProfilePDF93.45 KB Download
17/09/2013 Kennards Hire 2014 Platinum SponsorPDF95.22 KB Download
04/09/2013 Cranes To Raise The Industry Flag In HobartPDF91.72 KB Download
16/08/2013 NHVR New Permit SystemPDF113.28 KB Download
23/05/13 CICA Thanks Jeff BrundellPDF99.26 KB Download
18/12/12 CICA co-hosts International Stakeholders in ChinaPDF96.97 KB Download

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