CraneSafe results speak for themselves

The Analysis of Heavy Vehicle Safety Accreditation Schemes in Australia undertaken for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) by Fellows Medlock and Associates was released and indicates a high industry compliance rate for The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA)’s CraneSafe Program.

“The results confirm what we already suspected”, said CICA CEO Brandon Hitch, “and the high participation rate in comparison to other voluntary industry programs, confirms that CraneSafe is the number one crane assessment program in Australia”.

CraneSafe has been in operation for 16 years and remains the world-first model for crane industry safety self-regulation.

CICA has also received NATA accreditation for the CraneSafe program meaning it is the first and only Periodic 3rd Party Inspection Program to receive this level of accreditation.  This accreditation assures customers that CraneSafe meets the ISO requirements of an independent inspection body and are compliant to the requirements for the content of the inspection according to Australian Standards for crane design and safe use.  

The Analysis of Heavy Vehicle Safety Accreditation Schemes in Australia also demonstrates that CraneSafe users have experienced a lower incidence of minor and major non-conformities (14.3%) in comparison to those who did not use the program (19.9%).

“We are working closely with industry groups and interested parties to continually improve the integrity and consistency of the program”, said CICA’s Plant & Operator Assessment Officer, Patrick Cran, “One of CICA’s goals for 2019 is to see that percentage come down even more.”

These results warrant an ongoing maintenance schedule to replace the 10-year Major Inspections.  “A mandated ongoing maintenance schedule makes much more sense than the current 10-year Major Inspection system”, said Brandon Hitch, “a crane that is used once a month is not the same as a crane used every single day, so having a ‘one size fits all’ Major Inspection rule is oversimplifying crane utilisation.”

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