Our Board

The CICA Board consists of up to seven elected and one appointed director.  Elections are held on an annual basis, prior to the Annual General Meeting which is held in conjunction with the CICA Conference. Directors are usually elected for a period of two years, on an alternating basis, resulting in a half Board election year.

Members will be notified that nominations are called for vacant positions at least 42 days prior to the AGM, in accordance with CICA’s Constitution. In the event that more nominations are received than the number of available vacancies, a ballot will be held and members will be asked to vote.

Tom Smith

CICA Board President

Geoff Bevan

CICA Board Vice-President

Danny Black

CICA Board Director

John Gillespie

CICA Board Director

Andrew Esquilant

CICA Board Director

Bart Sutherland

CICA Board Director

Marcus Ferrari

CICA Board Director