CICA Lift Supervisor Course

Recognising the need to elevate lifting safety standards and streamline operations, CICA has worked extensively with lifting experts to introduce a Crane Lift Supervisor Course. 

The CICA Lift Supervisor Course is a proactive initiative designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of crane operations on construction sites and industrial projects. This program introduces the role of a crane lift supervisor, who acts as a dedicated overseer of all crane-related lifting activities.



The CICA Lift Supervisor Course: An Overview

Pre-Operational Checks: The supervisor ensures that the crane undergoes thorough pre-operational checks, including equipment inspection, load capacity assessment, and safety system verification.

Risk Assessment: Before any lift, the supervisor evaluates potential risks and develops a comprehensive lift plan that accounts for variables such as weather conditions, terrain, and nearby structures.

Operator Communication: The supervisor maintains constant communication with the crane operator, providing real-time guidance and adjustments as needed during the lift.

Safety Oversight: Safety protocols and regulations are strictly enforced by the crane lift supervisor. They ensure that the entire work area remains clear, personnel are properly trained, and all safety measures are adhered to.

Emergency Response: In the event of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, the crane lift supervisor is trained to respond swiftly, ensuring the safety of personnel, equipment, and the surrounding environment.

The lift supervisor course contents have been developed to cover all of the above aspects.

The three parts of the course, include: work health and safety; leadership and frontline management; and lift supervision and transport activities.

These will assist course attendees to:

Course Delivery

Lift supervision and transport activities

To deliver the program efficiently and effectively, the Level 1- Lift and Transport portion of the program is split into two parts, an online self-learning program and a face-to-face classroom teaching program.

The online learning modules of the CICA Lift Supervisor Course focus on reviewing the knowledge and skills learnt from the High-Risk Work (HRW) Licence training, plus some basic crane-related knowledge that is useful and practical for providing guidance as a lift supervisor for crane operations.

Although HRW training organisations follow the content set out in the regulations, they may focus on some aspects and overlook others, or some of the knowledge learnt from HRW training may not be used frequently enough for the crew member to have consolidated the skills to be competent a few years after the training. It is imperative that the lift supervisor be familiar with all aspects and provide guidance if required.

To better equip the Lift Supervisor, the online self-learning component of the CICA Lift Supervisor program includes five adaptive learning modules:

The face-to-face classroom teaching aspect incorporates three modules and a final assessment:


$2500 + GST (member)
$3500 + GST (non-member)

Includes Adaptive Learning, Face-to-Face Training, Training Materials, Assessment, Refresher Training


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Training Dates 2024:

Brisbane  10 – 11 July 2024
Cliftons, Brisbane CBD

Perth  17 – 18 July 2024
Cliftons, Perth

Sydney  18  -19 September 2024
Cliftons, Margaret St, Sydney 

Melbourne  8 – 9 October 2024
Cliftons Freshwater, Level 18, 2 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank Victoria

Adelaide  15-16 October 2024
Cliftons, Gawler Place, Adelaide 

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