International Crane Stakeholder Assembly Guidance Notes

The ICSA currently has seven active members. They are:

Association of Equipment Manufacturers [AEM]
Crane Industry Council of Australia [CICA]
Crane Rental Association of Canada (CRAC)
The European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes [ESTA]
European Federation of Material Handling [FEM]
Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association [SC&RA]
Japan Crane Association [JCA]

The ICSA’s role is to:

The relevant ICSA Guidance Documents are:

Guidance Note - Leaving Mobile Cranes Unattended

Guidance Note - Lifting A Load With Several Mobile Cranes (Multiple Crane or Tandem Lifting)

Guidance Note - Lifting of Persons with Mobile Cranes

Guidance Note - Mobile Crane Ground Preparation for Wind Farm Construction

Guidance Note - Using Mobile Cranes with freely suspended vibratory equipment for Pile Driving / Extraction

Guidance Note - Working with Land-based Mobile Cranes on Floating Vessels